09. March 2023


Behaviour change for a circular economy – How to support reuse, repair and refurbishment schemes

Reuse, repair, refurbish – we all know that using products for longer is an essential part of the circular economy.


But switching to more sustainable consumption patterns – like repairing an electronic device or returning a reusable coffee mug – often means that citizens have to invest extra time and effort. So how can we make reuse, repair and refurbishment schemes an ‘easy option’ for citizens and encourage behaviour change?

Watch the recording of our webinar to learn how organizations around the world have tackled this challenge!


Watch the recording on YouTube


The recording contains the following presentations:

  • Andrea Cino (WRAP): Behaviour change to support reuse and refill models
  • Dr. Anna Pegels (IDOS): Getting people on board – Why behaviour matters for upstream solutions
  • Hamilton Ortiz (Sucata Quântica): Sucata Quântica’s mobile upcycling unit for e-waste in Brazil
  • Ana Robredo (Bumerang) and Katie Heffner (Rare’s Center for Behaviour & the Environment): Bumerang’s social media campaign to promote reusable food containers – including discussion and critial review
  • Almira Zulfikar (Plépah): How behaviour change measures were implemented to promote the use of food containers made from sustainable material in Indonesia

The webinar series on behaviour change is co-hosted by the PREVENT Waste Alliance and the Circular Economy Coalition for Latin America & the Caribbean, and conducted in collaboration with Rare, German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) and Delterra.